Know how to tackle the issues faced while Activating your Roku

Roku is known for its best entertainers which is affordable, at the same time giving all your favorite movies and series at 4K UHD. In order to stream the entire collection, you need a Roku account to pitch start the device. Be it a player or TV of Roku, you would need some vital requisites to stream your favorite package. However, when these requisites your TV will prompt not working issue abruptly. Not Working Not Working

The Vital requisites to start up your Roku

  • Roku Wireless connection and Roku account
  • Roku com link code

To emphasize, when you select your wireless network on your TV screen, you will get a Roku com link code to enter on the stand-alone website of Roku. Also, log in with the Roku account on a website and enter the Roku com link code. This will sync your Roku device with your account.

In some cases, you may get stuck in-between the activation and linking process, on that case look into the error codes and apply the resolution accordingly.

Why is my Roku Not Working? | Not Working

Have in mind that the enter code is necessary to activate your device and giving in the code on website should be done within few minutes. To emphasize, the Roku link code is active only for a few seconds and you should give the alpha numeric digits carefully on the website.

  • If the code is prompting not working, it’s been time out and you would need a new code to validate your Roku
  • Moreover, to get a new code on the Roku device, take your remote and press the *(star) button
  • You will get a new Roku link code to sync, and this time give in the alpha-numeric code in a swift over the Roku activation blank space.

Yet, if you are stuck on the code activation page, make a note of the error code and rectify the error with the possible solutions.

Roku Error Code 001 – Network connected

On the activation phase, if you get 001 error code then correct your Roku’s wireless network connection.

Error code – 014.40 – Connecting to wireless

Ensure that the network connection is on point and the credentials are given correctly on the details box. Yet, if the network is not yet connected, see whether the MAC address filtering is restricted on the Advanced Router settings of your wireless Network.

Other Network issues error codes

  • Roku error code 009
  • Error code – 014.50

Common Solution to eradicate Network issue

  • From the Roku screen settings go to Network
  • Check the connection range
  • Entering the account details and credentials properly
  • Restart your Roku and the router associated with one another
  • Improve the wireless connection

Moreover, there are yet more codes on Roku specifying each and every issue on the device. Look through why the issue not working is popping up, and apply the solution needed for the error code elimination.

Other common issues faced on Roku

  • Roku remote issues
  • Audio Quality issues
  • Red Light flashing issues
  • HDCP 2.2 error
  • Roku Update issue

However, make sure you keep your Roku in the most updated format and all the configurations are placed as mentioned. As a common go to solution to all the Roku error codes and not working issue, you could always try resetting the whole device and the router linked to it.

Try out the above steps and start enjoying your favorite shows and movies back again on Roku.

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